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  • Jan 30 2018         TANGR2018

    3rd International Workshop on Tracer Applications of Noble Gas Radionuclides in the Geosciences(TANGR2018)

    This workshop is dedicated to the study of noble gas radionuclides 85Kr, 39Ar, and 81Kr, three natural tracers for the circulation of water and ice in the environment. Together with 14C, these radionuclides cover an age scale ranging continuously from a few years to 1.4 million years.

    TANGR 2018

  • Jan 08 2018         Significant Progress in Helium Spectroscopy

    近日,中国科学技术大学激光精密测量与痕量探测研究组(将氦-4原子2S-2P跃迁能级中心频率测定到了1.4kHz的精度,相对精度 5.1×10−12,该结果于12月28日在线发表在物理评论快报Phys. Rev. Lett. 119: 263002 (2017)。论文第一作者为博士研究生郑昕,通讯作者为特任副研究员孙羽博士和胡水明教授。这是该课题组继氦-4原子23PJ能级精细结构分裂测量[Phys. Rev. Lett.118: 063001 (2017)]后在该领域获得的又一个重要的成果。