Cun-feng Cheng


University of Science and Technology of China
Hefei, Anhui 230027, China

Cun-feng Cheng

Research Interests

    Precision spectroscopy methods and the precision spectroscopy of molecules: tests of the fundamental physics or chemistry with high accuracy, searching for new physics, determination of fundamental constants, and quantum metrology. The main research content currently underway:
    1.Precision spectroscopy of molecular hydrogen: testing quantum chemistry theory, determining proton / electron mass ratio and proton radius;
    2.Precision spectroscopy of polar molecules: testing varying constant;
    3.Development of techniques such as low-temperature collisions and molecular cooling in order to improve the precision of molecular spectroscopy measurement.

Degrees attained

Ph.D2012University of Science and Technology of ChinaDepartment of Chemical Physics
B.S.2006University of Science and Technology of ChinaDepartment of Chemical Physics

Employment history

2021 - PresentProfessorUniversity of Science and Technology of China
2020 - 2021ScientistUniversity of Science and Technology of China
2018 - 2019Associate scientistUniversity of Science and Technology of China
2014 - 2018Postdoctoral fellowVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2012 - 2014Postdoctoral fellowUniversity of Science and Technology of China

Visiting Experience

2008 - 2009Visiting studentArgonne National Laboratory

Awards and Honors

2012     CAS Presidential Scholarship

Selected Publications

  • Seeded optical parametric oscillator light source for precision spectroscopy

    Z. -T. Zhang, Y. Tan, J. Wang, C. -F. Cheng*, Y. R. Sun, A. -W. Liu, S. -M. Hu*.

    Optics Letters 45(4): 1013-1016 (2020)
  • Dissociation energy of the hydrogen molecule at 10 -9accuracy

    C. –F. Cheng, J. Hussels, M. –L. Liu, H. L. Bethelem, K. S. E. Eikema, E. J. Salumbi des, W. Ubachs*, M. Beyer, N. Holsch, J. A. Agner, F. Merkt, L. -G. Tao, S. -M. Hu, Ch. Jungen.

    Physical Review Letter 121, 013001 (2018)
  • Molecular fountain

    C. –F. Cheng, A. P. P. van der Poel, P. Jansen, M. Quintero-Pérez,T. E. Wall, W. Ubachs, H. L. Bethlem*

    Physical Review Letter 117, 253201 (2016)
  • Doppler broadening thermometry based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy

    C.-F. Cheng, J. Wang, Y. R. Sun, Y. Tan, P. Kang, S. -M. Hu*

    Metrologia 52: S385 (2015)
  • Optical determination of the Boltzmann constant

    C.-F. Cheng, Y. -R. Sun, S. -M. Hu*

    Chinese Physics B (Invited Topical Review) 24(5):: 053301 (2015)
  • Analysis of 85Kr: a comparison at the 10-14 level using micro-liter samples

    G. -M. Yang, C. -F. Cheng, W. Jiang, Z. -T. Lu, R. Purtschert, Y. -R. Sun, L. -Y. Tu, S. -M. Hu*

    Scientific Reports 3:1596 (2013)
  • Normalization of the single atom counting rate in an atom trap

    C. -F. Cheng, G. -M. Yang, W. Jiang, Y. -R. Sun, L. -Y. Tu, S. -M. Hu*

    Opt. Lett. 38(1):31-33 (2013)
  • Cavity ring-down spectroscopy of Doppler-broadened absorption line with sub-MHz absolute frequency accuracy

    C.-F. Cheng, Y. R. Sun, H. Pan, Y. Lu, X.-F. Li, J. Wang, A.-W. Liu, and S.-M. Hu

    Opt. Express 20(9):9956-9961 (2012)
  • Electric-quadrupole transition of H2 determined to 10−9 precision

    C. -F. Cheng, Y. R. Sun, H. Pan, J. Wang, A. -W. Liu, A. Campargue, S. -M. Hu*

    Physical Review A 85(2):024501 (2012)
  • An efficient magneto-optical trap of metastable krypton atoms

    C. -F. Cheng, W. Jiang, G. -M. Yang, Y. -R. Sun, H. Pan, Y. Gao, A. -W. Liu, and S. -M. Hu*

    Rev. Sci. Instrum 81:123106 (2010)